Hanky Codes · Leather Terms

A colour chart of what each colored hanky means.
Which hanky colors determine what your into?

Left Colour Right
heavy SM top BLACK heavy SM bottom
bondage top GREY fit to be tied!
wants head LIGHT BLUE cocksucker
fucker NAVY BLUE fuckee
69er ROBIN'S EGG BLUE 69ee
cock & ball torturer TEAL BLUE cock & ball torturee
fist fucker RED fist fuckee
two-handed fist fucker DARK RED two-handed fuckee
shaver RED/WHITE STRIPE shavee
top for outdoor sex MOSQUITO NETTING bottom for outdoor sex
cuts MAROON bleeds
dildo fucker LIGHT PINK dildo fuckee
tit torturer DARK PINK tit torturee
suck my pits MAGENTA armpit freak
piercer PURPLE piercee
pisser/WS YELLOW piss freak
spits gob PALE YELLOW drool crazy
hung 8" or more MUSTARD wants a big one
anything anywhere anytime ORANGE nothing now (cruising)
Large Man APRICOT chubby chaser
a cowboy RUST his horse
spanker FUSCHIA spankee
hustler (for rent) KELLY GREEN john (looking to buy)
daddy HUNTER GREEN boy looking for daddy
military top OLIVE DRAB military bottom
rimmer BEIGE rimmee
scat top BROWN scat bottom
uncut BROWN LACE likes uncut
cut BROWN SATIN likes cut
latex fetish top CHARCOAL latex fetish bottom
beat my meat WHITE I'll do us both
cums in scumbags CREAM sucks it out
bestialist top FUR bestialist bottom
Dog Trainer DOG LEASH Dog boy
likes white bottoms WHITE LACE likes white tops
safe sex top CHEKERED safe sex bottom
likes muscle boy bottoms GOLD LAME likes muscle boy tops


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  • MASTER - The owner of a Slave, usually the dominate part of the relationship
  • SLAVE - Owned by a Master, usually the submissive part of the relationship
  • SIR - A term to refer to a Master or Daddy
  • BOY - A term to refer to a Boy, usually not as submissive as a slave in a relationship, just depends
    WEBMASTER'S NOTE - We feel there are no written rules in stone that define the relationship between a Master & Slave or a Daddy & Boy... a leather couple determine the rules and the roles of what they feel is workable.
  • TOP - Usually the one that is the active sexual partner (fucker), not always the case
  • BOTTOM - Usually the one that is the passive sexual partner (fuckee), not always the case
  • CONTRACT - The agreement of living terms between a Master and a Slave
  • S&M - Sadomasochism
  • W/S - Watersports (piss)
  • SCAT - Shit
  • RIMMING - Licking or Eating Ass
  • FF - Fist Fucking
  • Sadist - One that likes to inflict pain
  • Masochist - One that likes pain inflicted on him
  • B&D - Bondage and Discipline
  • GREEK - Anal
  • FRENCH - Oral
  • BEAR - Usually a man that has a 'stache, beard and furry front and back side...or any variation in between
  • CUB - Usually a younger man that has a 'stache, beard and furry front and back side...or any variation in between
  • WEBMASTER'S NOTE - People may think differently about how to define "bear" and "cub" terms..since it is our web site...We chose this definition
  • SLING - An apparatus usually made of leather or some type of webbing hung from the ceiling used in fucking or fisting
  • FLAGGING - A common practice which has lost its art over the years but still upheld by the Leather Community of using different colored hankerchiefs to indicate what a person is into
  • FLOGGING - A practice of S&M tops using a Cat O Nine Tails to whip his boy or slave
  • COLLAR - A symbol of ownership given to a Slave by his Master
  • RUN - In the Leather Community a invitaional get together of other Leather Clubs usually an anual event
  • FETISH - Likes and Behaviors not limited to but definately practiced by the Leather Lifestyle (w/s,scat,boots,latex,leather,etc.)
  • CBT - Cock and Ball Tourture
  • TT - Tit Torture
  • HOT WAX - Simply playing with parafin candle wax
  • HOOD - A covering that is usually leather placed over the head and face of a person...(Both Tops and Bottoms wear these)
  • GAG - Any one of several devices used to restrict the speech of a person (foam ball, metal bit, dirty underware)
  • CATHETER - Usually refers to a rubber tube inserted into the urethra all the way into the bladder to drain urine (a toy). there are external catherters used during different other games
  • SOUNDS - Are usually metal surgical cylindrical devices inserted into the urethra (yes, another toy)
  • MUMMIFICATION - A process in which usually a Master with strips of gauze and plaster or tape completely wraps his Slave (ultimate bondage)
  • DUNGEON - A term loosely used nowadays as a play room usually with such implents as a sling, st. andrews cross, whipping post, stocks, etc
    WEBMASTER'S NOTE - These are just some of the main terms commonly used in the Leather Community. If you know of others or need further explanation of these, feel free to send us an E-Mail message.
Check out "THE LEATHER SCENE" page which gives some good information.



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